Eagle Athletics

Cornerstone Christian Schools belongs to the Christian Athletic League to provide competitive sports opportunities for students in 5th through 8th grade.  CCS views athletic competition from a Christian perspective.  Our goals include:

Teaching skills and rules of the sport in which the student is involved.Involving students in an activity that will nurture them spiritually, mentally, and physically.Developing athletes whose Christianity permeates their every word and action.Demonstrating and teaching Godly sportsmanship; how to win, lose, accept someone else's error, and forgive their own mistakes. To know that if you have done your very best it is a matter of attitude that determines if one is a winner in God's eyes, rather than whether the game has been won or lost.Involving each student so that they become an important part of the team so that they accept, depend on, teach, encourage and learn from one another.Developing a positive self image in each student by encouraging them, praising them, and providing situations in which they can be successful.Teaching students to understand and accept their individuality; that God loves us as we are, with our abilities and weaknesses.

Cornerstone fields teams in the following sports at the middle school level:

    Fall:  Volleyball, Flag football

    Winter:  Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball

    Spring:  Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer

Any student in good standing in the appropriate grade levels may try out for any of the teams. There is a minimal fee for each sport in which a student participates that is not included in tuition.



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