A Year for Respect

CCS is a buzz of activity with the closure of the Summer Programs and preparing for the new school year!   

What a pleasure it is to welcome in a new school year at CCS where children always come first, and where our campus provides a safe and welcoming family atmosphere that values the contributions of each member. We have been busy making plans for a very successful school year. Did you know that teachers are continually thinking of what new and exciting activities they can bring into the new school year throughout the summer even when they are on vacation? I am so proud of our dedicated staff who love their job.

Each year we select a theme or a character quality as a focus throughout the school year. This year we will focus on Respect.  Respect for God; self; parents; teachers; peers; government and the list goes on… Our goal is that each child will know that they are honored and respected by each member of our community. One of the first activities the K-8 will be able to demonstrate respect is Field Day when the school is divided up into teams that rotate from station to station working together as a team. A day filled with fun.

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